Sleep Rules are Rules to Follow

If your family’s sleep habits have gotten a bit off track, it is time to reestablish some sleep rules. Sleep rules do not have to be complicated. In fact, simple rules are easiest for children to understand and follow. Have a family meeting and discuss the importance of sleep together. Let your child know that we are all committing to follow these rules as a family so we can all benefit from being a well-rested family!

Sleep rules should be simple and direct. Discuss these rules with your little one and allow them to actively take a part of the discussion. Make a Sleep Rule Chart or Sleep Rules Book and review it with your little one before every sleep. Allow them to use stickers, color and decorate their sleep rules. They should be proud of these rules! Let them show off their Sleep Rules and share them with their family, friends and teachers.

Example Sleep Rules:

  1. I lay quietly and I do not wake sleeping people.
  2. When I wake at night, I stretch my body and go back to sleep.
  3. I stay in bed all night.

Once the rules are stated they will need to be followed. Let your child knowthat you are going to work together as a family so that everyone follows these rules with every sleep. Remind your child of these sleep rules and refer to the chart or book often.

Celebrate their victories during this process and remember, old habits take time to break. However, if you are consistent, your child will learn to follow these rules and they will be proud of their accomplishments. Not to mention, everyone will benefit from more sleep!

If you need help to establish sleep rules for you and your family, contact me and I can work with you to help get your family back on track!