Sleep Products for Your Baby, Toddler or Child

Setting up your child’s bedroom so it ideal for sleep can help everyone get some Zzzz’s! Creating a safe, cool, quiet and dark sleep environment will help your baby, toddler or child get more restful sleep. Here are a few of my favorite sleep products:

Safe. We want to create a safe sleeping environment by always following the ABC’s of sleep. That means for baby’s they will be placed down for sleep in an empty crib (i.e. no blankets, bumpers, stuffed animals, etc.). Sleep sacks help to keep little ones warm and can be a cue for sleep. Plus, they come in all sizes!

Make the nursery and home a safe environment by anchoring furniture, installing door knob covers or the door monkey lock, covering outlets, and securing windows and cords.

Cool. A cool temperature is ideal for sleep. I like the The Gro Company Gro-Egg Room Thermometer to monitor the room temperature plus it’s soft light won’t interfere with melatonin production which is necessary for sound sleep.

Quiet. White noise can help create a calm environment that muffles noises that occur outside of the room. Check out the Marpac Dohm-DS All-Natural Sound Machine for a durable product that can tune out the noise. Plus it comes in travel size!

Dark. A dark environment helps remind our body that it is time for sleep. Some options include blackout curtains or shades such as The Redi Shade or the Blackout EZ window cover both which darken the room without using unsafe cords. The Gro Anywhere Shade is also a great product to be used for travel or while at a sitters.

Night Light and OK to Wake Up Clocks.

Your toddler or preschooler will need to know when it is time to wake up and call for you after they have spent all night following their sleep rules. A child alarm clock such as the Ok to Wake  or the Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Alarm Clock can help signal that wake time is here! The Hatch Baby Rest Night Light, Sound Machine and Time-to-Rise clock is a great combo that can be adjusted easily from your phone!

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Pediatric Sleep consultant, Kristi Roberts

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