Sleep Easy: Safety Tips for Turning a Nursery into a Big Kid Room

Transitioning to a big kid bed is a big kid step! If you are considering moving your little one out of a crib and into a big kid bed, making sure your child’s room is safe will help everyone sleep better! Safety is always a number one concern!

You know the ABC’s of safe sleep and followed them step by step throughout infancy. But now, your child is out of the crib and even though they are ready for a big kid bed, they may not be ready to have big kid freedoms and responsibilities…especially in the middle of the night.

Although we will expect our little one to follow their sleep rules and remain in their sleep space during sleep, we also need to make sure their room is as safe as a giant crib. As your child ages, they will be spending more time exploring and asserting their independence throughout your house and we want to keep them as safe as possible as they do so.

Follow these tips to help turn your nursery into a big kid room that is as safe as a giant crib and sleep easy knowing you are taking steps to keep them safe.

  1. Anchor the furniture. Kids may be tempted to climb and this could cause a piece of furniture to tip, injuring your little one. Anchor and secure the furniture to the wall using furniture straps. Store heavier items on the bottom shelves and avoid placing toys or other items of interest on higher shelves to reduce the temptation to climb.
  2. Secure outlets, cords and blinds. Cover all outlets with outlet covers when not in use. Tuck cords and store appliances (such as a humidifier) out of reach. Cords and blinds can get tangled around a little one and cause serious injury. Make sure the child’s bed and other furniture are not near the window or it’s coverings. If possible, use window coverings without cords. If you have coverings with cords, snip the cord to remove the loop and/or use a cord shortener. Always keep the cords up high and out of reach.
  3. Use window stops and guards. Screens do not prevent falls. Make sure all windows are closed and locked when not in use. Use window stops to prevent the window from opening more than 4 inches and install window guards with a quick release (for emergencies) to prevent falls when the windows are open. Do not place your child’s bed or other furniture near a window.
  4. Remove medications and creams (prescription, over the counter or even homeopathic). Never leave chemicals or medications unattended. Store them in locked cabinets, up high and out of reach from your child to help prevent poisonings. Add the Poison Help Number (1-800-222-1222) to your phone and post it in your home.
  5. Install and test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Install a smoke alarm on every level and inside each bedroom. Carbon monoxide alarms should be installed on every level and near the sleeping areas. Test the alarms every month and change the batteries once a year.

Look throughout your home and make these modifications in every room. Sleep easy knowing you have taken these steps to help keep your little one safe.

Finally, if you would like help with the transition from the crib to the big kid bed or with any other pediatric sleep challenges, contact me to schedule a free 15 minute consultation!

For more information on how to make your home safer for your children check out tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics, interactive tools from Safe Kids Worldwide, or access tips at your fingertips by downloading the Make Safe Happen mobile app.

Disclaimer: The information provided is neither intended, nor is implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.  Parents should seek the advice of their child’s health care practitioner or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding medical conditions or the health and welfare of your baby, toddler or child. This post contains affiliate links as I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and Blackout EZ Affiliate Program, affiliate advertising programs are designed to provide small business a means to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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