Newborn SLEEP Essentials

Are you ready to set your little one up for sleep success?

Whether you are expecting or recently welcomed your first, second, or third child, this guide can help you take the first steps towards having a little sleeper!

The Newborn SLEEP Essentials Guide outlines the pieces of my SLEEP strategy to help set your newborn’s days and nights up for success.

This comprehensive, evidence-based resource was designed to give you the knowledge and tools to better understand your baby’s unique sleep needs and gradually build a healthy sleep foundation.


Newborn SLEEP Essentials Guide

A guide to help parents of newborns between 0-16 weeks of age to create positive and healthy sleep habits for restful days and nights.

The topics covered in the 50-page eBook:

As a bonus, this guide includes tips to help with the back-to-work and daycare transition. 

Pediatric Sleep consultant, Kristi Roberts

Want to know the Best Kept Secrect to Sleep?

It is so easy, you can start tonight! Let me help your family get the sleep you need to achieve your dreams.