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Baby and Child Sleep: Adjustments for the Spring Daylight Saving Time Change

What the Daylight Saving time change means for your baby, how the time change will affect your baby’s sleep and how to adjust your baby’s schedule so you can help your baby get the sleep they need to achieve their dreams. On Sunday, March 10th, 2024 we “Spring Forward” with the beginning of Daylight Saving Time. Although the spring-forward time change brings brighter mornings and longer days, it can also be a little disorienting and have an impact on the sleep of our babies and young children. Many parents fear this time change as it may also bring early wakings, bedtime battles, and new sleep challenges leading to cranky, sleep-deprived children (and parents!).  Fear not!! I’m here to help you navigate this to ensure a smooth transition for your family. In fact, the “Spring Forward” time change tends to be less disruptive to your child’s sleep than the Fall Back or end of Daylight Savings time change. And if you have an earlier riser already, you may actually feel like you are getting a bit more sleep this weekend! WIN!! How Daylight Saving Time Can Affect Sleep for Babies and Young Children We essentially lose an hour of sleep with …

Holiday Sleep Tips to Keep Your Child on the Nice List

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a child was sleeping, and mommy was TIRED! While the holidays are a magical time, finding a balance between attending festive events and keeping your child well-rested can be overwhelming. As your child’s sleep schedule may veer off track, you might find yourselves struggling to stay on Santa’s Nice List this season. But fear not! Making your child’s sleep a priority during the holiday season doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you’re seeking help to keep your little one well-rested during travel and this holiday season, check out these Holiday Sleep Tips and grab a copy of The Ultimate Holiday Travel and Sleep Guide. Here are some Holiday Sleep Tips to help keep your children merry and bright.

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Time Change SLEEP Tips for your Toddler, Preschooler, or Big Kid

Help your toddler, preschooler or big kid adjust to the end of Daylight Saving time change with these Sleep Tips. Child Sleep and the Fall Back Time Change The leaves are changing colors, the air is brisk and I have my pumpkin spiced chai tea in hand. What’s just around the corner? The Fall Back Time Change, marking the end of Daylight Savings. The idea of an extra hour of sleep sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? But for many parents, there’s a bit of worry in the mix. Are wondering how this time change disrupt your child’s sleep patterns? Are you bracing for early morning wake-up calls, grumpy little ones, and a less-than-happy household? Worry not! I’ve got some expert sleep tips to help make the end to Daylight Savings time change transition smoother for your child. Circle November 5th, 2023, on your calendar – that’s when the time change happens, at 2:00 am. How to adjust your child’s sleep for the Daylight Saving Time Change Fall 2023:  SLEEP Tips How to Prepare your Child for the Time Change To help your toddler, preschooler or child prepare for the time change, start early! You can shift their schedule by 15 minutes …

Back-to-School Sleep Routine: Tips for a Successful Transition

As summer days wind down and the back-to-school season approaches, it’s time to shift gears from late nights chasing fireflies to establishing healthy sleep routines. Reintroducing a back-to-school sleep routine can help your child adjust. Embracing the transition to earlier bedtimes can set your family up for success as the school year begins. Sleep is important at any age. After all, quality sleep is essential for children of all ages to thrive, learn, and stay alert in the classroom. As you prepare fo school shopping, don’t forget to prioritize reestablishing healthy sleep habits in your household. Here are some tips to help your family make a smooth and well-rested transition:

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Parents need sleep, too!

  Sleep is a need and is essential for the growth and development of our little ones. So why is it that many adults don’t prioritize their own sleep and like we do for our children? Parents need sleep, too!

Sleep Easy: Safety Tips for Turning a Nursery into a Big Kid Room

Transitioning to a big kid bed is a big kid step! If you are considering moving your little one out of a crib and into a big kid bed, making sure your child’s room is safe will help everyone sleep better! Safety is always a number one concern! You know the ABC’s of safe sleep and followed them step by step throughout infancy. But now, your child is out of the crib and even though they are ready for a big kid bed, they may not be ready to have big kid freedoms and responsibilities…especially in the middle of the night. Although we will expect our little one to follow their sleep rules and remain in their sleep space during sleep, we also need to make sure their room is as safe as a giant crib. As your child ages, they will be spending more time exploring and asserting their independence throughout your house and we want to keep them as safe as possible as they do so. Follow these tips to help turn your nursery into a big kid room that is as safe as a giant crib and sleep easy knowing you are taking steps to keep them safe. …

Help Your Child LOVE Sleep

February the month of “Love Day” (my 3 year old’s name for Valentine’s day), so it seems appropriate to share tips to help you get your child to LOVE sleep! Whether you have an infant that is taking short naps, a toddler that is waking during the night or a preschooler that is on a sleep protest, these tips can help your little one learn to LOVE sleep. 5 Tips to Help Your Child LOVE SLEEP

Sleep Products for Your Baby, Toddler or Child

Setting up your child’s bedroom so it ideal for sleep can help everyone get some Zzzz’s! Creating a safe, cool, quiet and dark sleep environment will help your baby, toddler or child get more restful sleep. Here are a few of my favorite sleep products: Safe. We want to create a safe sleeping environment by always following the ABC’s of sleep. That means for baby’s they will be placed down for sleep in an empty crib (i.e. no blankets, bumpers, stuffed animals, etc.). Sleep sacks help to keep little ones warm and can be a cue for sleep. Plus, they come in all sizes! Make the nursery and home a safe environment by anchoring furniture, installing door knob covers or the door monkey lock, covering outlets, and securing windows and cords. Cool. A cool temperature is ideal for sleep. I like the The Gro Company Gro-Egg Room Thermometer to monitor the room temperature plus it’s soft light won’t interfere with melatonin production which is necessary for sound sleep. Quiet. White noise can help create a calm environment that muffles noises that occur outside of the room. Check out the Marpac Dohm-DS All-Natural Sound Machine for a durable product that can …

Sleep Rules are Rules to Follow

If your family’s sleep habits have gotten a bit off track, it is time to reestablish some sleep rules. Sleep rules do not have to be complicated. In fact, simple rules are easiest for children to understand and follow. Have a family meeting and discuss the importance of sleep together. Let your child know that we are all committing to follow these rules as a family so we can all benefit from being a well-rested family! Sleep rules should be simple and direct. Discuss these rules with your little one and allow them to actively take a part of the discussion. Make a Sleep Rule Chart or Sleep Rules Book and review it with your little one before every sleep. Allow them to use stickers, color and decorate their sleep rules. They should be proud of these rules! Let them show off their Sleep Rules and share them with their family, friends and teachers. Example Sleep Rules: I lay quietly and I do not wake sleeping people. When I wake at night, I stretch my body and go back to sleep. I stay in bed all night. Once the rules are stated they will need to be followed. Let your child knowthat …