Success Stories


I had been wary to contact a consultant in the past because we do not believe in the "cry it out" method and I felt like that was all I was going to hear.

I was very clear about this with Kristi from the start and she was wonderful – she worked with us to come up with a plan that did not involve anything we were uncomfortable with.

We had a few clear goals going in and we have found success through working with Kristi. Most importantly, she gave us the information and tools that we will need in the future with other kids as well as our son, if/when we have other issues in the future.

"I contacted Kristi with Little Sleepers Big Dreamers with concerns about my almost 3 year old not falling asleep until almost 10 pm – despite knowing that he was exhausted. I shared with Kristi information about our life and schedule, and together we were able to come up with a plan to help our exhausted little boy get the sleep he needs. During our consultation, Kristi provided a step-by-step plan to make the transition to our new sleep schedule super easy. She provided a compassionate and objective outside point of view, which helped us to see where improvements could be made. I’d highly recommend contacting Kristi to help with your family’s sleeping needs!"
Amy W.
Kristi's help with a sleep schedule and sleep rules has changed our mornings and nights in the best way! Happier mornings and peaceful nights result in happier/more rested girls! My husband and I cannot get over the difference we have seen and it was immediate! Contact Kristi, her advice and tips have made all the difference.

"Kristi has been an invaluable resource to my family. My 12 month old daughter was still waking up once in the middle of the night and having early waking times. My 3 year old still needed to be patted at night to get her to go to sleep.

Kristi was so easy to work with and extremely attentive during our sleep training period. She gathered lots of information on our current routines and habits and worked with us to create a plan that was acceptable to everyone. While it was difficult the first few nights implementing the plan, Kristi was there to offer advice and guidance every morning. She was available and open to taking the time to discuss strategies for making our plan work and for working with us through the bumps in the road. She truly understood our situation and was adaptable to help us through the process.

I am forever grateful for all of the guidance Kristi provided us and can’t thank her enough for helping our family achieve our goal of a great night’s sleep, every night, for all of us."


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