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  • My name is Kristi Roberts, MS MPH, and I am a certified pediatric sleep consultant. It can be exhausting and challenging dreaming of ways to get your little one to sleep. If you are tired and frustrated, your little one probably is too! Sleep is an essential need for children and their parents. Little Sleepers, Big Dreamers provides the tools and support to help families get the sleep they need to achieve their dreams. Photo by Lindsey Tackett Photography

What is sleep consulting?

Sleep consulting is a partnership between you, your child and a trained sleep expert to help your family get the sleep you need to achieve your dreams. There is a science to sleep and all parts must be considered for success.

Although there are numerous books on sleep approaches, they are not able to provide a personalized plan that considers your family’s philosophies and needs. Every child is unique and we will work together to develop a plan that is best suited for your child and your family. When you are exhausted, the knowledge, experience and one on one support of a sleep consultant can make a world of a difference.

As your sleep consultant, I will assess your child’s sleep challenges and together we will develop a personalized sleep plan containing the best approach for your family. Support packages provide you with daily communication, encouragement, and evaluation of your child’s sleep log to help you achieve long term success.

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Is this for us?

Children have sleep needs that are different from adults and often need assistance in learning how to develop healthy sleep habits. Sleep is vital for your little one’s cognitive, physical and emotional development.

Little Sleepers, Big Dreamers offers a variety of sleep consulting services for children 4 months to 5 years of age including plans to assist with early morning or night wakings, nap transitions or schedule adjustments, moving a child to a big kid bed or out of the parents' bed, short naps, no naps, bedtime battles and many others.

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Does it really work?

Kristi...was able to identify a number of small changes we could make right away as well as set up a long term plan for better sleep. After a week or so, my husband and I sat downstairs at 7:30p in total shock that our son was fast asleep at a reasonable hour and already sleeping through the night most nights.
Teaching our baby to fall (and stay) asleep on his own was the best thing we could have done for him and ourselves. Kristi helped us get a solid nap and nighttime routine in place and was always available to answer questions (not just about sleep) from this nervous first-time mommy!
Jennifer F.

How much is sleep worth?

Packages are tailored to meet your family's needs and are available for children between 4 months and 5 years of age. Packages begin following the completion and assessment of a sleep questionnaire.
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